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IMG 3659Caroline Moore has studied clicker training for many years, and has used it successfully on all of the members of her menagerie: a cat, a caique parrot, a standard poodle, and a border collie.  When she pulls out the clicker, all of her animals flock around hoping it’s their turn to be trained!

Caroline believes training should be fun for the dogs and the humans. Her favorite thing is watching animals and humans have “aha moments” during training! She attends clicker training conferences and workshops, and is constantly working to expand and improve her training skills.

Caroline is a Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner. This rigorous, six-month program focuses on the science of behavior, advanced clicker training skills, creating behavior modification plans, and designing innovative solutions to behavior challenges. It assesses the trainer’s behavioral knowledge, training skill, and teaching ability.

She has also received her Level 1 Clicker Trainer Competency Assessment (CAP1) with Merit.

Kelly Ansaldo has been hooked on agility since taking her first agility class almost 20 years ago with her husky mix, Koki.  While agility training has come a long way since then, Kelly still applies some of the same basic principles she started with, positive training methods and a strong desire to have fun, exciting bonding experiences with her dog.

Kelly Ansaldo

Kelly was an agility instructor for almost 3 years, training future agility competitors in group and private lessons.  She currently travels to Connecticut weekly to attend masters level agility classes and stays current on all the new “buzz” in agility.  She competes in master’s level classes with her border collie, Scout and enjoys hiking and agility play sessions with her retired border collie, Charlotte.  She also spends time with her adopted Maltese/poodle cross, Taffy, who came to her very people reactive but has come a long way since becoming a part of Kelly’s family.

Kelly’s greatest enjoyment in agility training comes from the confidence building in dogs through this type of play and learning experience.  Watching a dog work through the learning process, perform a task correctly for the first time and see that tail wag with excitement and a happy human partner is what makes it all worthwhile.  It’s exciting to watch dogs blossom and grow through this type of learning as well as the bonds between dogs and their humans.

Kelly has worked with animals her whole life.  She has an A.S. in veterinary and animal science and an A.S. in business administration.  She worked as a certified veterinary technician for may years.  She volunteered at the MSPCA as an adoption councilor and caregiver for many years and has been involved in the foster care programs at the MSPCA and TJO shelters.  She works as a subcontractor for a day care and boarding facility and is owner of Paradise City Pet Sitting.  Kelly lives with her husband, 2 kids, 3 dogs, 2 cats and a small flock of chickens.

Elexy WiseAlex Wise began apprenticing at Animal Alliances in January of 2015. He has been interested in behavioral modification since he was very young- while his classmates were wanting to be doctors and firefighters, he was set on becoming a dolphin trainer. His particular interest in training dogs began about five years ago, when he spent a road trip teaching his sister’s new beagle puppy to “kiss” on command.

Alex's favorite sidekick is a pitbull mix named Hitch. Hitch is bilaterally deaf (meaning both ears), and most likely has been for his entire life. Alex trains him using a modified version of clicker training, with a particular hand cue used for a “click.” Because of his deafness, Hitch had received very little training when he came to live with Alex. He has come a long way, and now knows standard obedience hand signals used by most dog handlers, as well as many American Sign Language cues. He has also made great strides in improving his dog reactivity, and has made some great canine friends in the past few months.

In addition to teaching dog training classes, Alex often attends Animal Alliances classes with Hitch, which helps him empathize with the students in his classes. Alex's favorite parts of dog training include teaching self control exercises and helping owners to understand what their dog is trying to tell them.

Alex is very open to working with deaf dogs and/or handlers. Through working with Hitch, Alex has become very comfortable with modifying clicker training methods to suit the different communication needs of deaf dogs. Alex is also conversationally proficient in American Sign Language.


Kristin NealKristin Neal came out of the womb loving animals of all kinds. She has had animals in her life for longer than she can remember, and currently counts 2 dogs, 3 cats, a horse, some chickens, an African claw toed frog, and a Beta fish among her family. 

Kristin has been a veterinary technician since 2007, and became a CVT in 2013. She has been training her own dogs with positive reinforcement for 20 years, and her friendships with other trainers have led her to professional dog training. Kristin has been working since 2008 at Camp Unleashed as the camp Vet Tech, as well as past logistics director and also assists the behavior team. The passion that drives her many animal interests is a desire to improve the quality of life for animals and their people.

Looking for our founder, Kelley Bollen? You can now find her at KelleyBollen.com.