In-Home Classes

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Does your family's schedule make it hard to get to a group class? Do you want more individual attention? Is your dog nervous about new places, people, or dogs? Try an in-home class! One of our trainers will come to your home to teach you and your dog all the behaviors covered in our group manners classes. 

NOTE: For travel of more than 20 minutes from your trainer's home, there is an additional charge of $10 per 10 minutes of travel. We will do our best to pair you with a trainer <20 minutes from you whenever possible. 


Puppy Starter Kit: 5 weeks, $475 (for puppies 5 months or younger at the first lesson)

Basic Doggie Decorum: 5 weeks, $475 (for puppies and dogs 5 months or older by the first lesson, or who have completed Puppy Starter Kit)

To request our other group classes as in-home classes, email

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