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In order to help you address your pet's behavioral issues I will need to meet with you in person. During this consultation I will be able to observe your pet's behavior and relationship with you. I will gather a complete history on your pet from the time you obtained him/her until present day, asking for details about the behaviors you find problematic. I will then discuss my impressions of the situation and set up a behavior modification, training and management program to address the issues you are struggling with. The initial consultation usually lasts from one to two hours. Both daytime and evening appointments are available (no weekends). Consultations are held at my facility in Northampton.  You may request a home visit for an additional travel fee of one dollar per mile to and from your home.

Follow-up visits are recommended in most cases and can be held where ever is appropriate for your pets particular issue. For example, if your dog's issue is reactivity to passing dogs while on a walk, the follow-up visit may involve a walk around your neighborhood. Follow-up visits typically last one hour.

Phone Consultations - the majority of companion animal behavior problems require a personal meeting however there are times when a phone consultation is appropriate.


Initial Consult

The initial behavior consult typically lasts 1.5 to 2 hours.  Incorporated into the fee is the time I spend with you during the initial phone call or email exchange where I get a general idea of the issue you are having with your pet, the gathering of written materials that I provide to you at the time of the visit, a follow-up written behavior plan summary for your pet, a phone call or follow-up letter to your referring veterinarian if applicable, and free phone and email follow-up post consult.

Private Consultation at my facility in Northampton: $175

Private In-home Consultation: $175 PLUS a travel fee of $1 per mile (total mileage - to and from your home).  This fee covers travel time, gas and vehicle wear/tear (example: if you are 20 miles from my office the travel fee will be $40).

Follow-up Consults: $85 (1 hour) PLUS a travel fee of $1 per mile (each way) for off site sessions. Additional time is billed at $30 per half hour 

Phone Consult:
There are some behavior problems that can be addressed over the phone. The fee for a phone consultation is $60 per hour.

I may recommend the use of management tools or natural calming remedies to help you modify your pet’s behavior.  I carry most of the products that I recommend and they will be available at the initial consult.

If I feel your dog or cat needs medication to help with his/her issues I will speak to your veterinarian.  Your veterinarian may need to do baseline bloodwork prior to prescribing any medication.


    Behavioral issues we address in consultation

 PC dog   Dogs:

        Separation Anxiety
        Reactive behavior

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PC cat        Inappropriate Elimination
        Urine Marking/Spraying
        Nocturnal Behavior
        Multiple Cat Relationships
        Inappropriate Play

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