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Kelley Bollen has worked in the shelter field for eighteen years and is passionate about helping shelter animals and those who care for them. As a shelter behavior specialist, Kelley consults with animal shelters across the country in the design and implementation of comprehensive behavior programs to address the behavioral health of the shelter animals during their stay. Kelley is also a nationally recognized invited speaker at many humane conferences.  Through her business Animal Alliances, she offers many educational seminars and workshops that address the behavioral care of shelter animals, including her two-day 'Shelter Behavior Seminar' which covers all aspects of shelter behavioral care.  

Kelley is the former Director of Behavior Programs for the Maddies Shelter Medicine Program at Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine. Kelley is a Faculty Fellow for the Center for Animals in Public Policy at Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts and lectures in both the Shelter Medicine and Animal Behavior Courses.  She also serves on the Tufts Shelter Medicine Program's Academic Steering Committee.  Additionally, Kelley serves as a consultant for Humane Network, a non-profit organization that consults with shelters and communities to responsibly increase their lifesaving capacity.  

Prior to opening Animal Alliances, Kelley served as the behaviorist for the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (MSPCA). During her years with the MSPCA, she implemented many programs, including temperament evaluations of shelter dogs; behavioral and environmental enrichment for all the animals at the shelter; clicker training programs to decrease stress and increase adoptability for both dogs and cats; and educational programs for staff, volunteers, local animal control officers, and the general public on animal-behavior-related issues.

While at the MSPCA, Kelley also completed a two-year long study on the reliability and predictability of the canine behavior evaluation. The results of her research on the assessment of over 2,000 dogs has been published in the peer-reviewed scientific journal (Bollen and Horowitz, Behavioral evaluation and demographic information in the assessment of aggressiveness in shelter dogs. Applied Animal Behaviour Science, 112: 130-135, 2008).

Kelley is the author of the chapter on "Training and Behavior Modification in Shelter Cats" in the ASPCA 'Animal Behavior for Shelter Veterinarians and Staff' textbook published in 2015 by Wiley Blackwell.


Shelter Consultation

Kelley is available for in-person consultations to help shelters create or improve their behavior programs.  Consultations can be general, covering a wide variety of programs such as Behavioral Enrichment, Training, Behavior Modification or more focused - addressing one specific area of interest, such as conducting Canine Behavior Evaluations.  A combination of lectures and hands-on training is typical.

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Shelter Behavior Seminars

Kelley is available to provide one, two or three day educational seminars focusing on all aspects of shelter behavioral care.   Below is a list of lectures offered for a shelter seminar.  



Reading Dog and Cat Body Language and Safe Handling

Stress Recognition and Reduction for Dogs and Cats

Environmental and Behavioral Enrichment for Dogs and Cats                                  

Understanding Aggression in the Domestic Dog

Canine Behavior Evaluations                                                                                  dakin

Feline Behavior Evaluations

How Animal Learn                                                                                                          

Training and Behavior Modificaiton in the Shelter

Adressing Common Behavior Problems in Cats and Dogs

Dogs Gone Crazy

Animal Control Officer Behavioral Training

Pit Bulls - Are They Different?

Terrified Tabby and Frightened Fido

Domiance in Dogs - Is it a Myth?

Life Changing Animals - Placing the Difficult Dogs


Please contact Kelley at for consult fees.


* HOST A Shelter Behavior Seminar!!  

If your organization would like to host a two-day Shelter Behavior Seminar -  This is one way to defray the cost of a behavior consult or provide an educational opportunity for all the shelters in your region.  Contact Kelley for details



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