Shelter Behavior Seminars

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 Shelter Behavior Seminar

 This two-day seminar given by Animal Alliances Director Kelley Bollen is designed for shelter staff, animal control officers, volunteers and administrators to learn more about addressing the behavioral health of the animals in their care.


Subjects covered:


Day 1

  • Intake and Adoptions - A Behavior Perspective
  • Reading Dog and Cat Body Language & Safe Animal Handling
  • Stress Recognition and Reduction
  • Behavioral and Environmental Enrichment

Day 2

  • Understanding Aggression in the Domestic Dog
  • Canine Behavior Evaluations
  • Feline Behavior Evaluations
  • How Animals Learn
  • Training & Behavior Modification in the Shelter



Your shelter can host the Shelter Behavior Seminar.  The host shelter secures the venue and helps to advertise the event and their staff can attend at no cost.  Please contact Kelley at for details.


Attendees recieve Certificate of Attendance

IAABC Members recieve 14 CEU's

CCPDT - 11 CEU's for trainers & 3 CEU's for behavior consultants



 "Kelley Bollen’s Shelter Behavior Seminar is a tour de force in animal welfare education! Kelley delivers her wealth of knowledge in a fashion that is concise and easily understood. . Her seminar is chocked-full of ‘aha’ moments! For anyone working in the field of animal welfare (in any capacity), I highly recommend that you do whatever it takes to hear Kelley speak. I have no doubt that - like me - you will be grateful for and forever changed by the experience."  -Jodi Andersen author of The Latchkey Dog, Founder of How I Met My and owner of Training Works for Dogs, Inc.


"Kelley is a wonderful presenter and very knowledgeable in her field. She made the day very interesting. Was great to see so many professionals from so many different animal care fields in one place. Would definitely recommend seminar."

"The shelter behavior seminar hit upon several key topics that I have been longing for more information about. Kelley has direct shelter experience and is able to convey information in a manner that coincides with the sheltering world."

"It was a very informative seminar, taking into accounts the differing experience and training levels of the participants to include everyone. The material was well presented and she was able to keep our interest for a long day. A must for people working in/with shelters."

"Kelley Bollen's seminar on shelter behavior was a tremendous learning experience for me. While I am well versed in canine behavior I am new to the shelter world. This seminar helped me to better understand how to make animals in the shelter more comfortable through enrichment. Kelley kept the presentation interesting and answered all questions thoroughly. I highly recommend this seminar to anyone in the shelter world interested in learning more."

"I am a new Shelter Director in a shelter with a great many challenges. I found the seminar to be an excellent overview from a realist's perspective, in terms of what we can all do to improve our shelters and the care received."


To host the Shelter Behavior Seminar at your shelter contact for details.


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