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IMG 3659Caroline Moore has studied clicker training for many years, and has used it successfully on all of the members of her menagerie: two cats, two parrots, and a Standard Poodle.  When she pulls out the clicker, all of her animals flock around hoping it’s their turn to be trained!

Caroline believes training should be fun for the dogs and the humans. Her favorite thing is watching animals and humans have “aha moments” during training! She attends clicker training conferences and workshops, and is constantly working to expand and improve her training skills.

Caroline is a Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner. This rigorous, six-month program focuses on advanced clicker training skills, creating behavior modification plans, and designing innovative solutions to behavior challenges. It assesses the trainer’s behavioral knowledge, training skill, and teaching ability.

She has also received her Level 1 Clicker Trainer Competency Assessment (CAP1) with Merit.
Caroline also boards dogs in her home and offers private training for dogs, parrots, and other pets through her business, Stay Positive Animal Training.