About Us

Animal Alliances, LLC is located at 137-E Damon Road, Northampton, MA 01060  CONTACT US

Email Caroline Moore at info@animalalliances.com for more information.

Our Mission
Through our extensive knowledge of behavior, Animal Alliances, LLC, provides education to people who live and work with animals. By offering programs customized to your pet"s behavior needs, we strive to improve your understanding of why your dogs and cats do what they do.

Our Philosophy
Animal Alliances believes that changes in behavior are accomplished best using positive methods. We help your pet learn by rewarding the good behaviors that we want to see, rather than punishing those we may not like. Behaviors that are rewarded will always increase in frequency — this is simply how animal learn. The positive training and behavior modification techniques that we use are based on the science of how animals learn and have proven to be extremely effective — whether teaching your dog a simple behavior like sit or dealing with a serious behavior problem such as aggression.

Our Goal is to Provide:

    Relevant Solutions
    Personal Attention
shelter dogs    Compassionate Counseling
    Relationship Enhancement
    Customized Programs
    Hands-On Training

Our Services:

    Private Consultation for Pet Parents

    Dog Training Classes

    Animal Shelter Consulting

    Educational Seminars


Our Clients:

    Pet Parents
    Animal Shelters
    Law Enforcement Agencies
    Public Service Agencies
    Child Care Agencies